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About US
       Guangzhou zhao xiang sewing machine co., LTD., is a collection research and development, design, production, sales, wholesale, agent for one of the large textile equipment, textile accessories manufacturers. Main products are: sewing machine, the garment sewing parts, sewing leather bags sewing parts, cut iron parts, second-hand sewing machine equipment, industrial sewing equipment and spare parts, household sewing equipment and spare parts, drawing tube custom, automation equipment improvement, cutting machine, sewing machine needle, presser foot, throat plate, teeth, and the size of the bobbin, spindle bed, scissors, tape measure, spray gun, sewing machine oil, water gun, chicken pox, detergents, tailor's chalk, point pen, etc. Company comprehensively implement the ISO9001 international quality management system, strictly control the product quality, keep promise, to provide quality products, create value for customers. High quality products from the following aspects:
      A, the excellent equipment: we have A semi-automatic hydraulic stamping mould, fixture, guarantee the product welding deformation, accurate positioning, product is unified. There are high end milling machine, punching machine, high speed aluminum cutting machine.
      B, qualified materials: we have purchase the material to reach the national standard, has the inspection report issued by national professional testing institutions.
      C, experienced technical personnel, all our technicians after long technical training, work experience in more than five years, to ensure product quality and beautiful.
      D, strict inspection: all the factory equipment after calibration, at the beginning of QC inspection, QA sampling, to ensure product quality.
      We pay more attention on the quality standards for products and details, including product production process consistency, structure design and operation performance, etc. Product technology and quality by the vast number of customers fully affirmation and recognition.
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